Step 1 install the plugin

The plugin can be found right on SketchUp's Extension warehouse. Click the animation to see a video with instructions on installing it. If you're viewing this in SketchUp, you already have the plugin, head to the next step. If you need SketchUp click here to get it. Our plugin works in both the free and pro versions of SketchUp.

sink base.png

Step 2: Download a cabinet

Click on "Step 2" to download a cabinet

Download a cabinet by clicking on the link above. When you do that the cabinet will be loaded into SketchUp. Place it anywhere you'd like and come back here to try step 2.

Step 3: Modify the cabinet

While our catalog may seem small, each and every cabinet has a ton of options that can be altered. You can right click on any of our cabinets and select "Dynamic Components" and the "Options" to fool with the settings.

For a full video description of every setting click here.


Step 4: Swap a door

Click on "Step 4" to swap a door

One of the most powerful features of the plugin is the ability to swap doors. You can do one door at a time, a few doors at a time or your whole model. Simply click the door icon on the tool bar and pick your doors that you want to swap.

Step 5: Swap Hardware

Click on "Step 5" to test swap some hardware.

You can also swap hardware on your cabinets one at a time, or across your whole model easily with our hardware swapper. Simply click the hardware button on the toolbar, pick your hardware and swap away!

2017-01-08 at 5.09 PM.png

Want to try out the full catalog? Click below to get a three day trial. No credit card needed.