3.0.2 Update is Out

Another big update is out and ready for your consumption. We're now up to version 3.0.2.

First thing you'll notice is that the toolbar has grown a lot!

Multiple Downloads at once!

It's finally here. You now have two choices how to download our components. You can do the traditional wide winow that you're used to by clicking on the icons that represent a single door, cabinet or piece of hardware. This will show a wide screen view of the piece, and when you download it that window closes.

With the new multiple part browser the window now comes up skinny and tall, much like the components browser in SketchUp. This lets you get a fast scrolling view of each cabinet. When you select a cabinet here the window stays open. This is great for rapidly getting a lot of cabinets into your model.


Component Options right in the toolbar!

The new component options button at the bottom (or end) of the toolbar now lets you easily open up the cabinet options without having to right click each cabinet or component, or having SketchUp's Dynamic Component toolbar open. Just highlight a cabinet, and click the button on our toolbar and configure away!